PhD , Why ?

PhD is the shorten version of Doctor of Philosophy. In academic world often people who has PhD will be recognized by the title of “Dr.” in front of their name. The full title of Doctor of Philosophy somehow only printed on the scroll but not in everyday talk. Doctor of Philosophy is not a medical  doctor but referring to whom who manage to complete a dissertation of  research in particular field. Typically the research will be conducted under the name of PhD study , doctoral thesis ,  or PhD thesis under the supervision of academic staff at university , research institute or other acknowledged higher institution. PhD study can be conducted all over the world as chosen by the prospective PhD candidate.

PhD candidate is referring to a person who are registered as PhD or doctoral student at university or higher institution. To be eligible as a candidate the person should comply with rules and regulation written by the selected university. Normally the process involved selecting the institution or university, seeking a supervisor , prepare a research proposal , completing the admission form that often required supporting document includes the degree , academic transcript , referee letter , name of supervisors , the proposal and the research plan , additional test score like GRE , IELTS and TOEFL , the admission fee by credit card, cash , cheque or bank draft and maybe more documents depending on the university or institution that has been selected. The university or the institution will only process the admission application from the potential candidate only all required document and supporting materials are complete and received by administrator by the deadline.

Doing a PhD is a tough and the candidate will come across the bumpy road and the junction of the journey where the outcome to some extent is unexpected. PhD is difficult but is not impossible to achieve. However, each PhD candidate should clear why they want to do a PhD  at the first place. The motivation is the only thing that keep the perseverance and the determination to stay strong while coping with the obstacle of doing a PhD. Remember this , PhD is not about receiving but is about doing something towards receiving something. Thus, if the doing is not done then the outcome of the PhD study will be vague and extremely resulted to a failure , disappointment and regret. Keep doing and receiving along the journey of PhD study towards a personal achievement and success for the unexpected future.